Wednesday, April 06, 2005

So guess who learned to roll over?

We knew this was coming, but the last two mornings Noah has been on his stomach when we walked in in the morning. Last night I put him on his back at about 4 am, and by 6 he had flipped again. Yesterday he seemed mad about waking up on his stomach, but this morning he was having fun.


Judy said...


Tyler has YET to do the flip, although he'll hold your hand and do it - go figure. I'm chalking it up to Second Child Syndrome. He doesn't NEED to roll over.

I'll show him your entry and maybe that will light a fire under him!


Anonymous said...

I find that as you age rolling over get's progressively more difficult. I will have to have Noah show me how to do it again. Maybe he can show me a new technique.
I love that picture, he's so excited! :)