Thursday, April 14, 2005

Chocolat, Now Open

I was out of town this week, so I am just now catching up with the blog. Last Saturday Lauren, Paul, Noah and I decided to see if Chocolat in Birmigham was open yet. It is, and we were delighted to stop for a while and have a cup of hot chocolate. The place has a European, if somewhat spartan feel, and the yellow walls and beautiful dark wood bar make for an inviting place to sit and get chocolate-drunk.

This is the hot chocolate. It is the real stuff, very rich, intensely chocolat-y, with a nice lump of (real) whipped cream on top. Fabulous.

This is some sort of mousse, possibly chocolate, as rich as the hot chocolate but dense like cold magma. Although cold magma is igneous rock, and it wasn't that dense. Pretty thick though, and I recommended trying it. As an added bonus, for some reason it was complimentary, which really makes it my kind of dessert.

And the aftermath. Clearly we made the most of our time at Chocolat, and we'll be back. For more HB thoughts on chocolate, check out my post on DeBrand Chocolate in Fort Wayne from February 18.

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