Thursday, April 14, 2005

2nd Street Sub Shop

Like I said, I'm behind. I had lunch at the 2nd Street Sub Shop in Royal Oak right after I had my hair cut last week, and it really is great. It is a small place with a window counter to eat at if you are not getting take-out, and the food is great. I really recommend getting a hot sub, but I ordered this cold because I needed to get back to the office.

The proprietor saved my tuchus by looking over my shoulder into the street and telling me that I was about to get a ticket for a meter violation. He even let me grab a quarter from the tip jar, which I replaced with a buck when I came back inside. I should have put in more, because those RO meter tickets are ten dollars, but I have big-time diaper expenses lately.

In any event, the food is good, the owner's nice, and you cannot beat 4 dollars for lunch. Sorry I did not put this up sooner.


Anonymous said...

I have been away from RO for some time working in New Orleans but whenever I'm home I stop by to get a #2, no onions or pickles.

Put one of their subs side-by-side with one from Jimmy John's or Subway, compare prices, and then wonder why 2nd St. Sub Shop isn't in every town acroiss the nation.

sperry5662 said...

I was just in there today, and got a small sub, chips, and a large drink for only 5 bucks! Whole grain bread, premium deli meats, how can you beat that price in royal oak, much less anywhere else?