Sunday, April 20, 2014

Street Tennis!

Dear Friends, 

Happy Easter to those of you who celebrate Easter! And to those of you who do not, a very happy just Sunday! The old blog has been a little quite lately, I know. This was because two weeks ago, Noah was off for Spring break, and this past week, lightening struck Jon's office building, so they were closed for several days. (Nothing caught fire thankfully. Just electrical issues.) Then, in what seems like annoyingly normal fashion, Noah had no school on Friday. It just wasn't a writing-condusive past couple of weeks.

And now, one of my oldest, dearest friends, Laura, is coming from London to stay with us! She'll be here for most of the week visiting, but I'm going to try really hard to work on the next post. I've been working on it here and there for a couple of weeks! Writing and re-writing. It's all about how to create a wonderful wardrobe for spring and summer. One that complements your best features, and also looks lovely with gray hair. (If you have it.) I think this will be a fun one, if I ever get it out! 

In the meantime, here is a snap from yesterday evening. We have invented a new sport called "Street Tennis" and have started a street tennis association. Here is part of the description with rules from Facebook:

"Opening day of the 2014 season of The Michigan Street Tennis Association. Life is good! We started this group to promote our invented sport, which is an awesome sport. And to show the world that you can use hot pink sporting equipment from the dollar bin and still look BAD ASS! Bring it on street tennis!"

The rules are simple: Whoever gets to 10 points first, wins. If you whiffle or miss the shuttle-what's-it's, then the opponent gets the point. Bushes and street are out of bounds. This isn't REALLY "street" tennis. Hit Dad's car, get an extra 500 points. The winner gets a cupcake, the loser has to hold the winner's hat."

That's it! Simple, right? It's a really fun game. 

Now I must run, but I just wanted to say "Hi!" See everybody soon!

Until next time!

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