Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Little Story About (Silver) Light at the End of the Tunnel!

(The following is a status update that I posted on How Bourgeois' Facebook page today! I thought it was important enough that I spread this little encouraging and  happy gray-hair story here. The take home message: HANG IN THERE! One day soon you'll feel like you again! :)
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""Hiya my beautiful, lovely, wonderful How Bourgeois readers! I have a quick, positive story for my gray-hair readers. It's so amazing, it even surprised me! 

This week I woke up very upset from a nightmare. I was so happy to learn that it was just a dream. I dreamt that for whatever reason, I had my hair dyed back to my old color, dark brown. When it was done, I looked in the mirror, and to my shock, when I was expecting to see what I THOUGHT was the old, more youthful me, I saw an overly-dark color that took all of the light and brightness that I am now used to, out of my face. 
"I want my gray back!!!" I cried!!!! I was so so sad. What had I done!? I just remember trying to wash and scrub my hair dye out. This is not an anti-hair dye dream. As always ,hair dye or choosing to go gray, with me, what's best is the right choice for YOU! No judgement here on How Bourgeois! 
What the dream does say to me though is....... I finally feel comfortable with the new ME! The 36-year-old, gray haired ME! Lol. I can laugh about it now!  

This has been such an amazing adventure, something that I wouldn't change. My hope for all of you is that you too can travel along and end up liking your unique you too! I know it can be scary, but you just hang in there, I PROMISE you, there's (sparkling gray) light at the end of the tunnel!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxox    Lauren. 
P.S. Please excuse any typos, school is almost out, I've got to run!" 

And so there you have it. I think I've finally become comfortable with my gray hair. I wouldn't change back to "the old me" if I had the chance. There is something wonderful and freeing and transformative about all of this, and I couldn't have gotten here without  wonderful YOU!!!!

Thanks for being here. I hope we can find our way to this fun, bright, sparkly gray place together!!!!

Lauren :)


Crystal said...

I love this so much! Thank you for showing us an updated picture. Your hair is absolutely stunning. It's alarming that after all my searching (online and IRL) there is almost no evidence that gray hair on any gal under 40 even exists! This is just what I needed!

Lauren said...

Hi Crystal!

Thank you so so much for your comment. You are RIGHT! I know, when I started growing out my gray, it was incredibly difficult to find anybody under 40 that had a gray story to tell. I'm glad that I could help, but it's super nice for me too, to meet fellow "young silver sisters". ;)
I'll update about my hair again soon. I hope you'll love your gray as much as I do!

Daniel L.Phillips said...

It went on alot in the 1950's. Some were beautiful! Grocery stores and department stores everywhere.. This Gray revolution is helping. Plus I was born 1955. So it's been a long time.. People forget.. I read somewhere in a magazine. Women not only dress for themselves but dress for all women when they go out in public.. If you show yourself in gray hair or colored but look hideous.. What an insult to all and everyone else.