Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Three C's of Happiness!

Today my Mother lent me her drawing tablet. She is a fine arts painter AND a graphic designer/illustrator. Can you believe it!? All of that! She has A LOT of creativity and talent. My mother let me borrow the tablet that she used to use to make digital illustrations. (Now she uses a new tool.) This was my very first time trying my hand at a drawing tablet. I was nervous that I wouldn't be able to do it, but you know what? It was SO MUCH FUN!!!! It was the best time ever! It doesn't matter if your drawings come out the way that you imagine them or not, it's just so nice to play around with all of the tools, and it was very relaxing and cathartic.

I figured out how to download a driver. That's a program that allows the tablet to "communicate" with my laptop. Then I downloaded a free 15 day trial of Corel Sketchbook Pro, which is AMAZING! Then, I just jumped in! I'm sure I'll be learning for a while, there are endless brushes, pens, pencils, smudges and settings. Way too many to name and a lot to learn.

The above is my first try at a drawing, "The Three C's of Happiness". Cats, Coffee and Crochet!!!! (Sorry, that's a little nerdy, huh?) :)

The best part, the whole time I was drawing, I didn't feel sadness about Priya, and I didn't think about hypochondria! And not even asbestos! Lol. Seriously. Omg. ;)

So, if you happen to have the opportunity to try out a drawing tablet, if this is your kind of thing, I HIGHLY recommend it!


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