Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Because I'm Busy Watching Flipping Out...

I'm sorry, it's Tuesday night, and because I'm major crushing on Jeffrey Lewis, and I would give anything to be BFF's with Zoila, I can't miss watching Flipping Out.

Sooooo.... this update post will be a lot of pictures, less words.
The house is creeping along. I can't wait to move in. I thought we'd be in by July! I know, ha ha. Thanks. At least there's an end in sight. The interior painting has started, and the floors go in next. Now all we need are some toilets. Speaking of toilets, this is the moment I fell in love with Zoila: http://www.bravotv.com/flipping-out/season-4/videos/touching-monkeys-hole

Bam! Counter tops. Let the fudge making commence! Listen, if you're looking for an alternative to granite, check out some marble.
Goodbye old, rotted out boards, HELLO sexy cedar! Did you know, because this house is historically registered, the city would not let us re-side the house in anything but cedar? That's because cedar was the original material used.
And what was behind the old, rotted out boards you might wonder? Old, rotted out insulation, made from..........ok, ready........BIRCH mixed with mortar. Uh huh.
Check out my Dawg. He's always rolling with me over to check on the new house. I can't wait to spray paint all that wood.
Oh, and I gave myself a strawberry manicure!
With matching polka dot toes. I have to go finish my Judy Blume novel now.
Then one day, when we were having the "pool" serviced, the filter exploded. Hello. EXPLODED! Did you know that many pool filters are full of sand? Sand is da BOMB for filtering. Literally! Speaking of exploding, we need a new A/C. Hell Yeah!
Then, because of all my free time this summer, I decided to make beet borscht soup from scratch today! AND stuffed cabbage, just like Jon's Bubby used to make. Sort of. Not really. But still. I also made cucumber salad with sour cream and dill, and blueberry muffins because when you want to shut out real life, just go into your kitchen and cook for five hours.
Also, they put the fireplace hearth in. They TRIED to install a kick-ass quartzite surround, but it needs some more tooling. Is that the word, tooling?
Then, my kitchen, but I already told you that.
Ok, Ok, so....I was handed down, an old hand-me-down, brass chandelier many years ago. Then, I handed it back to my Mom. Then I stole it from her, and Jon painted it.
ROCK! I think it'll look good in the eating area.

Look at the neato wallpaper that I found for our little den/office/guest room place! It's by
Hygee & West and is called Daydream, in cream. I really like it. Here are some pictures of it in somebody else's bathroom.

Daydream Wallpaper - Cream

Now this is the wallpaper that I found for the lower bath. I know, wallpaper might be a bit of an obsession these days, but why not! Anthropologie makes this paper, it's called "The Loft Larks". It was kind of bought on a whim, which is odd, because I've been very methodical with this house. I'm going to see how it looks when the paper arrives, but we thought it would be fun in the little room. Also, our house's former owners were....the Larks!
Lofty Larks Wallpaper

I love Zoila!

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