Saturday, July 23, 2011

Snip, Snip, Snip.

So, I cut mah hairs. At least now I only sort of have two-colored hair, rather than three- colored hair. Peoples were staring too much and making comments about my ever brightening henna hair. In the summer sun, the red was just becoming redder and redder and redder, until it was like Ronald. Not my uncle Ronald, like the MacDonald Ronald. It was bad.

Oh, and to preface all of this, I decided I was tired of henna-ing my hair. There was a lot of gray, and since I'm allergic to regular hair dye, I just gave in. So you have red hair + LOTS of white hair + my regular brown hair. OMG.

It looked like this:

These pictures DO NOT do service to just how vibrant that glorious red is on me. Lol.
So as you can see, basically all of the hair growing in on the top of my head is white. Anywhere there is red hair, that is truly white hair underneath! Yikes!
(If you read previous post, you'll know why I'm going gray. Oy.)
Well, actually, my father's side goes prematurely gray. It really runs in the family.

Anyway, so after a particularly annoying week of far too many people making not funny, unhelpful statements about the ridiculous and unfortunate state of my hair, I could take no more. I just said, "You go girl. Cut that hair!" All it took was pair of scissors and a mirror. I went snip, snip, snip! I have to say, it was sooooo much fun and liberating! I cut it short, REALLY short guys. Just the shock value alone was fun. It was worth it.

So now, with just a tiny bit of post-haircut professional shaping, it looks like this:

What silly pictures. WHAT is that face I'm making in that last one? I'll need to post better ones soon. I've learned to style it a bit better since then.

At first I was sad and thought.....what did I do!!!?? I felt really ugly. :(
I felt much too masculine. :(
And, I noticed that men looked my way less. So, I took that as, well being less attractive to the world.

But you know what? It's kind of really growing on me. Ha! No pun intended.
I really, actually like having short hair. It's AMAZING not having to blow-dry my hair, let alone use the flat iron daily. And, in some weird way, it's totally liberating! I like being my own self too. I don't want to be a cookie cutter human. Never have, never will. I'm just weirdo, little tri-colored hair me. Lol . :)


Judy said...

Lauren I love your hair! Someday when I'm brave and bold, I'm going to do something like that. Mine will lay flat on my head like a thin helmet and will make me look like an old man. Yours is fabulous!!!!!

-me said...

Hey, Lauren! It looks BEAUTIFUL. (As if anything on you could ever NOT look beautiful).

sharon said...


Twins-Plus-1 said...

OK, beautiful before for sure, but holy cow lady, you look unbelievably ah-may-zing! xoxo