Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let's Get This Party Started!

At a certain point this week, I suddenly realized that: "Oh! this cluttered, dusty, table sawed, KFC'd , Doctor Peppered, air compressored space was NOT just a workshop, but that INDEED there was a kitchen under there!

Remember? There's a kitchen coming!

It will kind of look like this, only a little more three dimensional, and now instead with three glass-front cabinets. (Aaaaaaaaaaaaah. The heavens open up. Glass-Front cabinets!) Actually, the kitchen is already here. It's piled up high, in bunches of boxes in the living room. The install is scheduled for Wednesday, and I just can't wait!

The old kitchen was taken out.

Wow, look at the old kitchen. It's already so different. In addition to taking everything out, we also added crown molding and removed the sliding glass doors off the dining "room", and replaced them with french doors. I think it's starting to look wonderful. :)
I can just picture sitting in front of the french doors, eating breakfast on a snowy morning, watching while a fire burns in the little family room fireplace.

So this brings me to my point, that since the kitchen is coming! The kitchen is coming! I really need to make a plan. It's time to get my interior decoration on!

The house's interior design theme is called: OLD. Kind of soft and shabby chic. If that's not too passe' with you internets?
The cabinets are white, my beloved sink is the Domsjo. The DOMSJO! What a great name. My next cat will be named Domsjo Bjorn Bjork fjord Swedish Chef.
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The floor was a bit of a struggle. This part of the house was an 1981 addition, and the floor was an uneven sort of mess. With a little extra sub flooring and some inventive ideas....I'm hoping for smooth sailing. We're installing hardwood.

Ok, here's where the fun begins!
1.) The counter tops are being fabricated from Super White Granite. It light and bright and airy.
2.) We're going to wallpaper the hallway leading to the kitchen and the eating area with THIS wallpaper. It's called "Watercolor Peony" and the word peony makes me giggle. PEONY!
3.) The color, at least on my monitor, is not properly displayed here. I'm looking for some paint, to cover very minimal wall space in the kitchen, mainly in the small entrance from the side door. I'm going for a lilac, because I firmly believe that people should have lilac kitchens! I suppose, alternatively, I'd settle for a soft pink to match the wall paper. Oh decisions, decisions.
4.) Man, this is AWESOME! RustOleum has some tutorials and I came across this baby. I love the color so much, AND conveniently, we have a brass chandelier, ready for some paint!

What do you think? That's the bulk of it. We needed to order a new dishwasher and a range. Wait, could I please just tell you about the new range for a second?
Ok, comes with the standard controls, and then a set or three buttons. Ready:

Convection Oven Button

Self Clean Button
Wait for it

Do tell me. What the hell is a "Chicken nuggetS" button? And why?

Chicken nuggets in Da House!

I have to figure out more odds and ends, but at least we've settled on a table and chairs and bench this week! We were shabby chic-ing an old Ikea table, but something went awry when we accidentally mixed layers of latex and oil paint. It seem though, that the table was a bit too long for the space anyway. It was great fun to paint the table, so we decided to go for "naked furniture" and finish the pieces ourselves. It saves a lot of money too!

Wait, why are the pictures so tiny!? Well, there's a farmhouse table, two bow-back chairs for one side, and a fun bench for the other side of the table. Bench seating!

The plan was originally to paint everything white, but we unexpectedly fell in love with the Slate Blue RustOleum paint that we used as an undercoat on the first table. Now we just have to decide, all white? White table with blue chairs? All blue?

That's an example of what the color looks like. Sort of. It's deeper or more pretty blue in person. Well internets, that's enough about the kitchen for now. I hope it all comes together. It's definitely going to take some work and a lot of luck!


Judy said...

AHHHHH Mazing!

I love everything you've picked out - very much the style of your house, from what I can gather via pictures. I can't wait see it all come together.

I think that, once the kitchen comes together, you'll find yourself more centered. So much of our lives revolves around our kitchen many folks gather in kitchens, eat there, spend much of their time there. I can see remodeling a bathroom and it not being that much of a huge deal for us, but to do our kitchen??? Man, that'd be MAJOR.

Laura said...

Love, love, love it! How totally fun it must be to let your creative side go nuts in finding the perfect items for your new house! Can't wait to see more pictures!