Saturday, June 18, 2011

In Honor of My Husbear on Father's Day

In 1999, two friends sat together in an East Lansing sandwich shop. I said to Jon, "Do you ever want to get married?" And he said, "I don't know, maybe, maybe not. Probably not." Then I asked him: "What about kids? Do you want kids?" Jon replied, "I've never thought about it."
I'm sure we continued on as we usually did, waxing poetic about this and that and life and being on the verge of graduation and going out into the real world. And it was then, in that little sandwich shop on Grand River Avenue, that we made a pact over our panini. Although just good friends at the time, living two completely separate lives, we promised each other, if at the OLD OLD age of thirty-five, we were both single and lonely, we'd marry.
Yes, we had a marriage pact, signed over melty cheese sandwiches, while sitting in vinyl covered booths. So romantic.

My sweet Husbear, for a guy who never really thought about marriage or kids, you sure are a natural at being the most amazing, most wonderful, most caring husbear and Father I could ever hope for in the world. In fact, you're better than a natural, you're a pro! I think Noah hit the Dad jackpot with you, and so did I.

Thank you for making Noah his breakfast almost everyday. Your Saturday morning pancakes are the best! Thank you for working so hard to give us a comfortable life, and then always making time for the kiddo when you get home. Thank you for all of the bedtime stories you've read and the animated, entertaining voices that go along with them. Thank you for the Noah pep talks in the car on your way to school.

Thanks for always being there for us. You are our patient, caring, loyal rock. You're our everything!

We love you husbear. Happy Father's Day!

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