Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Just. saw. Sicko. Brain. exploding. Must. leave. this. backward. country.

We should just call this place "The United States of Memerica".

Sorry family, Toronto is looking pretty good these days, London and Paris even better. Wine and cheese anyone?

Strike that from my last post, Noah wakes up EVERY night these days. So tired.

I am a dork and checked out three "Families of the World" children's DVD's from the library and watched them all by myself this week:
1.)Families of Great Brittan
2.)Families of France
3.)Families of Japan


Laura said...

I have this movie on hold at the library. Considering our experience in the health care system, I wonder how much of this movie is really going to shock me. Can't wait to see it though. Ben & I have talked about moving overseas many times...Australia is one of our tops picks. :)

Lauren said...


Oh my goodness, Laura, Sicko is one of the most eye opening documentaries I have ever seen. Really, the most shocking movie, I feel the impact already. Please watch and let me know what you think.
Please give a big hug to the cuties from me!

Jeremy said...

I just watched this movie as well, it was on Showtime or Cinemax or one of those channels.

Simply. Amazing.

I originally watched it thinking it was going to be about health care in America, but it's more than that - it's about quality of life. I mean, would you ever expect the government to subsidize your daycare for $1/day? Or send someone to your house to help with the transition after birth?

Not only that, but I've known for years that the health care provided in Cuba was far superior to that in the United States, Cuba prides themselves on this - and if a country like Cuba can get that right, then what's wrong with the US?!