Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Just Thinking.....

Some things I was thinking about today:

1.) There definitely is a "plastic surgery" look. And it's running rampant all over faces in my corner of Metro Detroit. I'm not saying it's necessarily bad. I'm just saying "oh yeah" that's what it looks like. Lots of expensive faces walking around.

2.) My Mom used to read "The Story About Ping" to us. I had to read it a lot if I remember correctly. It was one of her favorites. She bought the book. It sat on the bookshelf in my bedroom for decades. Every time it was pure PAIN. That book gave me an instant panic attack. Ping, poor, helpless, baby duck Ping. Snatched from his family. I was scarred. Really, I'm being serious. Just ask my therapist. I liked "Tikki Tikki Tembo" though.

3.)I would like to get the Remington wet/dry hair straightener.

4.) When my car arrives on a FED EX truck, that will look so cool. They are Fed exing me a car from Boston.

5.)Rather than shoveling snow every few hours throughout a day of continuous snow. I would like to just shovel once, at the end of the day. Rather than shoveling snow once at the end of the day, after continuous snow, I would prefer to pay somebody to do it. Instead of paying some one to shovel the snow after a long day of snow showers, I would rather live in San Francisco.

6.) 6:00am is too early.

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Jeremy said...

Let me expand on you plastic surgery comment by saying that there are a lot of people with CHEAP plastic surgery jobs walking around the metro area.

I've seen so many ladies with facelifts, they look like the Joker.

If you're going for plastic surgery, spend the extra money so you don't end up looking like a freak show.

BTW - congrats on the car. I was talking with Jon about it. Just make sure you're home when they arrive!!! I'm sure they require a signature, but they probably won't stuff it under the door mat like my FedEx guy does with my packages.