Thursday, December 04, 2008

For Posterity's Sake

Today was the dude's four-year check up. He thought we had LOST OUR MINDS when we asked him to pee into a cup. You should have seen the look on the kid's face, then he preceded to pee like a race horse and laugh hysterically. And we all started laughing hysterically, and a group of doctors and nurses were standing there when we came out, and THEY were laughing.

33lbs. and 37 inches, a healthy, perfect little guy!


Judy said...

Yeah, I thought that our ped had flipped his lid when he handed us the cup, too! And, the fact that Tyler had *just* gone to the potty didn't make it easier, but that kid's a trooper and actually did the pee thing, too.

Way to go, Noah!

Kendra Lynn said...

Ha! For two years I couldn't get Kelsey to pee in a cup when the pediatrician asked. She FINALLY got over her "fear" of the cup, and did it this last time...hilarious times!