Sunday, October 12, 2008

Peace and October

At first, when I saw these, I thought how beautiful and utterly frightful at the same time. But then I remembered , I remind myself, in all of the tragic circumstances surrounding death, there is also peace and beauty in small glimpses. We often forget that as natural as birth is death. Like a leaf growing green in the summer sun, turning the warmest shade of golden.

I used to spend time in this cemetery when I was a little girl. By bike and foot, to read the graves and talk to ghosts and stroll the grounds. I was an investigator, there to figure it all out. My seven year old mind, that went into panicked overdrive. I crawled into my parents bed many nights, terrified of death and the truth of my insignificance in the great cosmos.
Several years later, the fears lead me to this place, Ouji board in hand.
I never did figure it all out, but if nothing, I found a small slice of tranquility, with story after story to tell. Life after life.

On one beautiful side note: I was snapping away, and as I came up to a row of head stones, this marvelous , yellow butterfly fluttered right past me. She bounced around a bit and landed in the middle of the head stone that I had been just about to take a photo of. She must have know.
Hello to you too Carolyn, nice to meet you.

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Kendra Lynn said...

I am fascinated by headstones. I love to read about each person's life. Because the life is what makes the difference...not the death. Everyone dies, but not everyone chooses to live their life to make a difference. I love these photos...they remind me that these people lived, loved and laughed. I have been to many funerals, but most that I have been to, have not been a sorrowful goodbye, but rather, a celebration of the beauty of that person's life!