Monday, September 08, 2008

What Next?

Please wake me up, I've got to be dreaming.
(As if the photo of the dead caribou wasn't bad enough)

A.) Other people's sexual orientation is none of your business. Worry about yourself please.

B.) It's not a choice, you're born homosexual or heterosexual, just like you're born blond or brunette.

C.) My brother is gay. He deserves every right and every freedom there is. He deserves happiness and dignity and inherent respect exactly the way he is . My brother is a human being,


Jeremy said...

Well said.

I don't think people choose to be gay, they just are.

Being Republican is a choice.

Brianne said...

OK, you know the shot in the face moose just seals the deal for me, right?
I can just see her adjusting her stupid bouffant and wiping the blood off the side of her face before they took the pic.