Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Squishy Bloggy Love!

I just got this highly thoughtful and and very sweet award from our good friend Laura, over at Mountain Chronicles. Thank you so much Laura, I really do appreciate it! Gosh, she sent it to me, ME! ... the world's worst and most inconsistent commenter! (I am a shameful lurker.) Laura is, HANDS. DOWN. the strongest and most positive Mama out there. Seriously. Her strength and love for her family often times has me in deep admiration and even tears. Please go check out Laura, her husband Ben and their two absolutely gorgeous, holy cuteness!, little girls, Caitlin and Cara. There are always honest and contemplative posts, written so well. You'll be glad you went.

In order to accept this award, here are the steps--

1. The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.

2. Link the person you received your award from.

3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.

4. Put links of those blogs on yours.

5. Leave a message on the blogs of the people you’ve nominated.

Ohhh...this is a really hard one because I truly can not get enough of blogs. I read so many, how to choose!? I will stick with a mini-theme, Parent-type blogs that might enjoy this award, and people I know. (Remember, I'm kind of a lurker). I wish I could nominate everyone!

* A World Fitly Spoken - A blog with a beautiful name, written by an equally beautiful human being. My good friend kendra is the owner of this blog. She is the most sweet and gentle and kind person you will ever meet. Kendra blogs about life with her husband Scott and their two beautiful little girls. She also has lots of adventure along the way, running programs at her parent's church. Take a peek!
* Kimblahg -Ok, just the word "Blahg" alone cracks me up. Over at Kimblahg, you'll get lots of good writing and interesting antics of her preschooler TRIPLETS, and one seemingly wonderful and patient big brother! Kimblahg always makes me laugh, and I like her photos too!
*Life in Da Burbs- Are you ready to laugh? Nobody cracks me up more with their writing and snippy, little comments than Jeremy. Pure genius. He's raw, he's real, he's out of control! No, I'm joking. Jeremy's just a real cool all around blogger, so check him out!
*Home45435 -I can't stop! I can't stop! So, I can't stop looking at little baby Iroha's pictures, she's THAT cute! My old friend Yuko (we met in college, Go State!), had a little baby girl with her husband Ryo this past spring. Presenting Iroha..lots of lovely, squishable baby. And this is why I think you need to check out the cuteness yourself!
* La Vie en Ross- She's about to pop! There is bound to be lots of excitement over at Sarah's blog. We met in a childbirth class before the boys were born, hers being my ever favorite little guy, Joshua. Now we're just holding our breaths because any day now...Joshua's little sister will make her appearance!
* What is life without Meagan over at Vanover Central Station. I liked this chick so much from the moment we met. Meagan is also Sarah's little sister, and a ball of fun. Meagan blogs about this and that and most importantly, she blogs about the lovely Kylinn and exciting Tegan. Head over!
* Where One Day Runs Into The Other- Ok, there is nothing to say here except that I LOVE Judy, and she's a fantastic writer, who updates...CONSTANTLY, and I love her. I love hearing the adventures of her two cuties also, Travis and little brother Tyler. The whole family, including dad, they're just good people, the kind you wished were your neighbors.


Judy said...

Full circle - I had picked Laura this time to receive this award on my site yesterday! LOL

Kendra Lynn said...

Aww...thanks, Lauren. You always say such kind things...I appreciate it.
Yes...let's get together asap.
Lots of love to you....


Kimblahg said...

yay! thank you!

Laura said...

Now look who has who in tears! Thanks for the wonderful, heartfelt blog feed Lauren!

Jeremy said...

Thanks for the nomination, even though I said I would never talk to you again because you bought that ridiculous sling to carry your child around in.

Lucky for you, I've decided that there are worse things in the world, like Republicans, that I really need to focus my energy on.

Therefore, the vow of silence has been lifted and the masses rejoice.


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