Tuesday, August 05, 2008

On Three-Year-Old Manipulation; The MASTER Of.....

Playing on my Mother's living room couch, he would stack up the cushions to make a "house" or "garage", over and over. Each time the flimsy structure would topple and I'd have to stop mid-conversation with my Mom to go rebuild it. Finally I had enough.

Noah: Mooooooooooom! My garage fell again, can you come rebuild it!?
Me: No Noah, just try yourself this time.
Noah: But, moooooooom!
Me: No, Noah! You have to build the garage yourself.
Noah: But I can't build it.
Me: Why?
Noah: Because I don't have my license!

Well, at least he'll make an honest contractor someday.

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Judy said...

I'm totally rolling at the couch-cushion structure idea - we're going through that EXACT SAME THING right now, only today it was to create ramps for all the hot wheels (ALL the hot wheels, as in hundreds of them, thanks to an almost 9 year old's collection).

Good times, I tell ya!