Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"I will ask the angels."

It's really amazing, the ability of crazy old men, from foreign countries, to instantly brighten your day. I just met Nami, the little chit-chatty man, from the table next to me at the coffee shop, who REPEATEDLY hit on me over the course of an hour and a half.
"Oh Laurent, your eyes are beautiful, like blah blah's (some Syrian star I have no idea who she is) eyes."
"Laurent, I like to talk to beautiful, young girls, this is how I chat."
"Laurent, that is a place, between France and Germany, they always fight it."
Finally, after expounding several times on European style siesta's, meditation, the lymbic system, the Porcupine mountains and imagining the smell of flowers, Nami took his leave. But not before he grabbed my hand and said: "Laurent, I hope to see you here again....I will ask the angels." And he giggled a boyish giggle and walked away.

I sure hope Nami has a nice nap, which he was about to go home and have. It's nice when a stranger say such, um, friendly things to you, it made me smile.
I just wish though, have always wished, that someday, somebody my age would hit on me. I'm really big with the 50 and over club.


Judy said...

Hey Jon - I think that's your cue...LOL

Jeremy said...


How you doin'?