Friday, June 27, 2008


Lauren needs to take a hiatus from life, just a small one, but I don't know how.


Jeremy said...

Two words for ya:

Hard Time.

Jonathan said...

That's strange, I had two words but they were "day spa."

Judy said...

My two words: "Me, too!"

Let me run away with you...can I leave all this other life-stuff behind, too?

Laura said...

My two words: Me, three! Let's all go to the day spa. I love Jon's idea!

Jeremy said...

Well, if you think about it - my suggestion isn't all that bad.

You get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

You don't have to worry about cleaning or bills.

You get three meals a day.

You get a lot of alone time.

You get to meet new and interesting people.

And who knows? You might even pick up a few valuable skills while you're there.

Jonathan said...

Doesn't "my suggestion isn't all that bad." translate to "hey, my suggestion's almost good!"

Jeremy said...

This is true.

Anonymous said...

My two words are Las Vegas with her brother and I.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you will have to pay for both of them, by the way.

Jeremy said...

Not to be a jerk or anything, but that was, like, seven words.

Lauren, two more words for ya.

Gay Bar

Jonathan said...

How about "clown college?"

Anonymous said...

No sense of humor, huh? Must be a liberal....

Jeremy said...

Dude, clown college is AWESOME.

george said...

why isn't anyone suggesting
"New York"?

come over and stay with us Lauren...
we'll take care of you.

- Breakfast overlooking Central Park.
- Morning walk through the upper west side.
- Window shopping (and maybe some real shopping) down 5th and Madison Ave before lunch.
- Lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel
- Take a cab down to SoHo
- Walk around and popping into little boutique stores.
- Pick up a PinkBerry FoYo (frozen yogurt)
- Walk down to Tribeca
- Have dinner at Nobu
- Take a cab to the WallStreet helipad and take a Helicopter ride over looking the sunset over Manhattan.

what do you think?
and one other thing... don't forget to bring Jon's Amex with you. :)

Jonathan said...

Wow George, throw in the horse ride through Central Park and it's just like our magic week together.