Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Where's Public Transportation When You Need It?

I just had to shell out $4.29/gallon at the pump today. Ugh! Where is public transportation when I need it? Oh, it's just hanging out over in San Francisco.

In happier news......Tiny pigs are the cutest thing I have ever seen, I just threw up.


Lins the pinkperson said...

lauren are you ok ? do you need aunit lins to the rescue? well Lauren don't be blue pricese down here in toldo are not that good tow well Lauren even thught I do have a smaller car then what I did have a few years agao it is still out raguises priceses well LOLO I WISH IT Was a FEW YEARS AGAO AND THE PRICEASES WHERE NOT SO HIGH!!!!!!!!!!.

Judy said...

Ugh...we had gas-less day here - I was actually inspired by YOU and rode my bike today with the trailer in tow! I had to stop twice to catch my breath going uphill (and up and up and up - OH MY GOODNESS), but hey, no gas burned and we had lunch with the big boy today!

Jeremy said...

Tiny pigs = ultimate bbq