Friday, May 02, 2008


If you want the honest truth, I'm a little on edge about the possibility of being in an earthquake while we're out in San Francisco. It's not like we've never felt one while there, but there's nothing like standing on the San Andreas Fault to make you feel just a little.....jumpy.

So back in 2002, when Katie showed me THIS site, I became an instant devotee'. The U.S. Geological survey, real time San Francisco quake map- WOO HOO!
Um...I kind of checked it like, 25 times a day. Maybe more. The Muni would rumble past our corner and shake our flat all day and into the night, but I often swore, it was more than just a train that made our place jiggle, and I was right.

Cross your fingers for the people of San Francisco that there's never such a devastating earthquake as 1906, but also, hope for us that there isn't anything too big while we're there this week.



Judy said...

Have a wonderful trip, Lauren, Jon and Noah! And here's to solid ground!

Lins the pinkperson said...

hey lauren I hope You know that toledo had a mine erthquake.and guess who did you forget to tell that you where going out of Town ????? try me and I also hope you don't forget my brithday like you did last year since you are out of town it is ths next coming up tuesday.well LOLo i hope you have a nice trip. Lins the forgoten friend who alwasys falls thught the craks.