Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Girl and Her Bike......Oh, and a stupid trailer.

Monday evening I had a 5:00 appointment to go buy a new car. Instead, I bought a new bike.

Her name is "Fancy Prancer". That's what I named her, after my most cherished imaginary pony. Haven't I ever told you about my seven imaginary ponies? The ones that needed grooming and feeding and riding all throughout elementary school? The ones that each had a complimentary, redheaded baby that rode them side-saddle? The ponies that I,... erm...talked to in class and on the playground everyday......um....

So this is "Fancy Prancer" as all my past bikes were like, duh!, also ponies. She is an Electra "Amsterdam" and I love her. Many find the yellow paint job a bit too much, but I think it represents a kind of individuality I possess and it's a big "f-you" to the institution of convention. Yesterday, some teenagers in a truck laughed and honked their horn at me, and today, some rude 20-something year old girl asked if I was the "Chucky Cheese" lady. But you know, on the flip side, nearly twenty or so people approached me today, ooohing and ahhhing over her. In fact, I rode FP up to the bank in town this morning, and while I was inside, a man walks into the bank and says aloud: "There's some commotion going on out there, some beautiful bike is causing a big stir!" So, for the people that think it looks dorky and old and too bright to handle, I love her and they can just shove it, or maybe get a little personality.

In the past twenty four hours, I Lauren, Me, Lauren! Who's favorite animal is the sloth....have ridden over 19...NINETEEN miles, which for me is, to say a lot. AND... for most of those 19miles, I was hauling at least 40lbs. of preschooler, junk and trailer weight. Oh yes, the trailer. My Nemesis. So the guys at the bike shop again were trying to convince me that the kid only had ten pounds to go until he out grew the bike seat, blah, blah, blah. They're right, I give them that. I guess the deal breaker was that I could also carry my groceries in the trailer, or the kid and backpacks, etc. So we're trying the trailer and I am astonished to see that he actually LIKES it this year! The past two years, he wouldn't even look at our old, borrowed trailer without bursting into angry tears. He said; "Don't strap me into that stupid thing!" This new trailer however is much smaller and sleeker and where Noah is concerned, it is called the (wink wink) "Speed Racer" and is only for BIG BOYS, what are AT LEAST three and can HANDLE such high speeds! He thinks it rules.

Last night Jon and I rode over to my Mom's to pick up Noah who was visiting, we made the seven mile round trip with the speed racer, it was great, I only side-swiped it accidentally into one wall. Today Noah and I rode into town and down to my childhood candy shop so I could get a drink and he a snack. Then we went to my elementary school to play on the playground and after that, Noah and I hit up another park as we headed back downtown. Then, Jon met us for dinner on his way home from work, and I peddled home.

I'm also enjoying some solo trips. I can not believe that exercise can be this fun. Seriously, it's the best. So this morning, I clocked myself, a leisurely 10 minute ride to the heart of downtown. My bank, the library, coffee shops, movie theaters, shopping, dining. Once there, I didn't have to find a parking space, which can be tough, AND...I didn't have to pay a meter!
After running my bank errand, I rode down the big hill out of town and over to Katie's house. You can see Katie's fabulous photo of FP, the last photo above. Katie and Ms. Bernie both tried my bike and I do think they desperately need one also. We'll start a club.
Then I talked on my cell phone as I rode home, but I know, it's pretty stupid. It looks stupid and it's a little dangerous. Well, if you ride like me, it's dangerous.

It cost me over $40 today, to fill up about HALF my tank, and the earth is dying and oil wars are ruining humanity, so for now, I think I will just smile and ride Fancy Prancer down the road.


Judy said...

LAUREN! You are living my DREAM - to just pedal my way everywhere!

We have the trailer - I'm cleaning it up for the summer this week. And, Scott finally bought me a bike chain, so I can ride and park places.

Your yellow bike reminds me of our town's newest program - city bikes. They are yellow bikes and are all over town. You ride one, park it, and someone else can take it and ride it where they need to go - really cool program! It works awesomely at my alma mater; I'm not so sure how it will go over for this whole city here, though...

meagan said...

lauren, she is lovely.

and you might enjoy that trailer. when we had to get the mail at our post office in town, we would fill the back with mail, swing in and pick up a gallon of milk, the kids bags and still have room.

plus, you'll get a killer workout on your quads. i pull 50+ now (not for long, but i do). eeks.

Jeremy said...

This past week in Boulder, I've never seen so many people on bikes. I also have never seen so many people on Electra bikes. They were everywhere! I even saw someone with the same bike you have with a big wicker basket on the front - I don't know why I didn't take a picture, but I definitely thought of you.

Oh yeah, and I have also decided that I'm totally going to buy the Electra RatRod this summer. Maybe that's what I'll do once I get my stimulus check. I saw one last night, and immediately knew that I needed to get it.

hr said...

hey and hello from yr cousin in portland. glad to read you are enjoying yr new bike. nothing makes me feel more alive than zipping around town on mine after too much time in cars. if you guys are ever in the market for another bike or trailer type thingy you should check out the xtracycles.

here are some more sexy cargo bikes:

Jeremy said...

Ding dang Lauren...

We need to start a bike club, because I just went ahead and ordered two Electra bikes - one for myself and one for Aimee.

Aimee is getting a Hawaii Custom in Olive, and I'm getting the Rat Rod.

I'm also selling my mountain bike, I see no sense in keeping it since I rarely get to take it out on trails anymore. It should be up on Craigslist by day's end. And for what I'm asking, it should more than enough cover the cost of one of the new bikes.

Anonymous said...

Well, I don't have a Fancy Prancer... but I did recently get a bike 'donated' to me for free. Very exciting and exhilirating. Truly - one of the only kinds of exercise I don't even relaize I'm getting. And, nowadays, rather revolutionary... - Laura

wallace said...

nice bike!
...watch out for francis!

Lins the pinkperson said...

hey lauren the next time you are in toledo I can tack you to the bike trail that gos from around my house to one of our locake parks and past my hight school and I don't know how fare the bike trail goes well I don't know if you new this about me I love to bike i have a bike of my own well Lauren I HOPE YOU love your new bike and i hope you go every where alone and with friends i hope you would like to go biking with me. and you need to add some pink to your bike wheres the pink. lol.

Jeremy said...

Guess what?

Our bikes came in today!!!!!!

I'm going to pick them up from the shop on Friday since they need to assemble them.


We need to hook up for a ride.