Monday, March 03, 2008

Wincing the Night Away

I want to tell you people something. For the past year, I've been thoroughly enjoying The Shin's latest album "Wincing the Night Away". I like it so much so, that it's my pick for best album 2007.25. I think Ilya would agree.

My top four tracks in chronological order:

"Sleeping Lessons" makes me go crazy like no other . Around 2:20 the song bursts into a spirited crescendo , stepping on the gas and singing at the top of my lungs, I feel my lost youth all over again. if only for 4:04. It's still worth it.

"Australia", Noah calls this song "The Children Dancing Song". It makes us happy. I like the banjo. It's the most commercial on the album. You'll like it too, trust me.

"Sea Legs", this song is heavier, I like the awkward feeling, broken beats. The jam at the end is great. It makes me want to be more cool. I should only be so lucky.

"Split Needles" is quite dark, it really shows how much this album runs the gauntlet of emotions. Split needles makes me feel sad, but in an ok way. It reminds me that I'm only human, I'm mortal and that the universe is much bigger than myself. I listened to this album on the way to a funeral last year, memories really stick to music like glue.


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