Friday, March 07, 2008

Life is Pain

I flew down to San Antonio for the collegiate licensing trade show on Monday. It was a quick trip, basically to determine whether exhibiting there was a good use of our company's money. On the way down I was reading an article in the new issue of Gourmet magazine about this sweet dough, pain viennois. I could not wait to try it, especially the orange bread with mint butter. Last night I baked up a couple of loaves, and they are terrific. I think I could let them get a little more brown and they would be even better. The best part is how easy this is - about 15 minutes of actual work, and the rest is just rising and baking. They made terrific toast this morning. Watch the video on the Gourmet web site - slapping the dough on the counter instead of kneading it is what makes this fun, and less work than many other breads.

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Judy said...

Nice loaf, but, uh, you were what - 20 minutes from my front door?

New Braunfels is essentially an outlying area of San Antonio.

I could have at least pointed you to some rockin' food here! :-)

Jonathan said...

Hey Judy, sorry about that.

I wanted to stop by, but it was such a brief trip that there was just no time. Work junk meant there was no downtime. I didn't even get to see the Alamo, which I am irritated about. I'm sure I'll be back, I do apologize

Laura said...

Hey Jon, can you post the link for the orange break with the mint butter? I'd love to try to make that this weekend! Your loaf looks really good!

Jonathan said...

It's very strange, it's in the magazine but not on the web site. When I get home I will add the instructions. It is basically orange zest and orange liqueur in the dough, and then fresh mint processed into the butter spread on the finished bread. Good stuff.

Jeremy said...

If you ever go to the Alamo, make sure you check out the basement.