Thursday, March 20, 2008

HB Ride Spotting: Jeep Wrangler CRD 4-Door, Possibly

I think that sometimes Chrysler puts these CRD (common-rail diesel) badges on the test cars just to throw off people taking pictures, so this might or might not be a Jeep Wrangler CRD mule driving up Woodward this morning. I have seen them before, and there are old pictures on the web of Wrangler CRDs, but it is commonly assumed that eventually Jeep will announce a domestic market diesel Wrangler. There is a cool cobbled together look to this though - the bolted on beam bumper, the black steel wheels, the deep tint - it is actually far cooler looking than a standard Wrangler.

The paint job is equally weird, you can see that this has been bolted together from a couple of different cars, based on the two different shades of red on the doors and tailgate.

New cars looking like new cars is played out - if they do bring this out, keep this look. Make the paint match, but retain the stripped aesthetic. It looks good without the rear-mounted spare (put it on the roof with a couple of gas cans), so leave it off, strip off the tacky plastic fenders, and keep any exterior metal fastened with exposed, unpainted fasteners. Oh, and figure out how to make it 500 pounds lighter, because it is a cumbersome gas pig regardless of fuel source. It is going to take a lot of leftover french-fry grease to run this thing otherwise.


Anonymous said...

I saw the same thing driving around last week, only the one I saw was green. I thought it was just some tuner who replaced the bumper and wheels but it also had the CRD decal on it.

Trevor said...

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) based out of Missoula Montana also has an operation running out of Detroit. Google them and look at their J8 MILSPEC. You are probably seeing prototype versions of that around. It will explain the leaf-spring rear, the CRD, and any other questions you have.