Thursday, January 31, 2008

We Love Katie. And Play-Doh.


wallace said...

must have been the green eggs and ham.

wallace said...

oh yeah, i love katie too! (^.*)

Judy said...

Okay, is Katie a babysitter? Cuz I need one of those!!! :-)

Coincidentally, we've been 'baking pizza' all morning with the playdoh stuff. YAY!

Jeremy said...

does she have an older sister?

Lolo said...

Judy, are you kidding me!? I would NOT leave katie alone with Noah.

I'm joking!!!

Katie is my oooooold friend. We grew up together on the same street. Now little Katie (she's two years younger than I am) is a grown up P.A., doing orthopedic surgeries and everything! She makes me laugh all the time.
Yeah, play-doh pizza!

Well Jeremy, as a matter of fact she does have an older sister. my opinion, Aimee is the most awesome chick out there.

Jeremy said...

I was asking for a friend.