Thursday, January 31, 2008

"Mom and Dad and Noah Hugging"

*Please note I am the giant one on the left.
**Also please note the addition of a rather large, green splat to my face in the second photo. Which Noah has so kindly entitled: "Mom With Spinach Stuck in Her Teeth".


Judy said...

Aw - that is awesome! Great sense of family.

by the way, just to reassure you, kids draw the most important person in their life the biggest - that's why you're the biggest. In a year or so, Noah will be the biggest (ah, yes, the world-revolves-around-me stage!).

Lolo said...

Awww...thanks Judy. I'm glad you told me that because I thought Noah drew me bigger because he was already picking up on the difference of our thighs!
"the-world-revolved-around-me" stage. Oh boy. Can't wait.