Friday, December 14, 2007

Thanks Elf!

At work, we have this thing called "secret elf." It is your basic secret santa program, and even though I get crabby when confronted with sanctioned good cheer, I participate because we run a pretty small shop, and you don't want people to guess their elf on the first day since there are only two participants.

Anyway, I have been getting awesome gifts this year, and I'm totally glad I'm doing this. We write down things that we are interested in on the back of a business card, and then we draw names randomly. On mine, I basically put "strange and cheap, weird food OK," and the results are terrific. Check today's gift bag (click to enlarge) -

Wasabi Peas!

Prepared Hot Squid (dried)! Ingredients - Squid, sugar, salt, MSG, red pepper. No plans to open at the moment, awaiting the right opportunity. Not sure if this is an ingredient, or snack food, but I bet it is loaded with "umami." George, advice?

Sardines in tomato sauce, chili added. Product of the Philippines. Noah saw this and wanted to try some, but I'd like to wait until Ilya visits again. He just loves preserved fish, he was the only guy I know eating sprats in college.

Kimchi flavor noodle bowl - this is long gone, I ate it while I was writing the last post.

And of course, a cassingle of "Ring my Bell" by DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince. Brilliant.

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Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...that is so great!!!
Sounds like your Christmas Elf is very original.