Friday, July 13, 2007

Teetering on the Edge

Ok, so "teetering on the edge" sounds a bit dramatic. I Saw a link to this "Light and Dark" test over on Marrit Ingman's site "Baldo". I idolize from afar, over the interweb, a woman I really really think I'd get along with. She's interesting, has a son, an only child and writes with humor about her postpartum depression. Interestingly, we got the same score, see, we're meant to be friends. Hey, I bet she even answer question #28 the same as I did!:

Babies are more fun than annoying.

I personally like question #17 the best:

It is better to be smart and depressed, than to be stupid but happy.

At any rate, at least somewhere inside, I still have a bit of hope for myself and all of humanity.
Your Score: Balanced Grey.
You scored 180 Light and 120 Darkness!

You teeter on the edge of the Light and the Darkness. There is both good and bad in this world. The extremes are beginning to pull at you, but you have not yet chosen to abandon hope or embrace nothing. Are you afraid to believe in everything, or nothing?

Link: The Light or Dark Test written by ahurkonov on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the The Dating Persona Test


Judy said...

Your Score: Pure Light. You scored 230 Light and 70 Darkness!

Darn it - I'm just in a very happy mood now that our week-long VBS is over!

Laura said...

Your Score: Balanced Grey. You scored 190 Light and 110 Darkness.
Who knew that anything in my life was balanced. ;)

Judy said...

Hey Lauren! Came over to let you know about the trains. We have a collection of Thomas stuff in the window - stickers for peeing the potty (we've gone through a couple of pages so far!) and actual wooden trains for whenever he finally decides to poop. I got all my trains on sale at Kindertrains, as well as a shirt that Tyler can also choose. It hasn't been much of an incentive, though, when there are umpteen kajillion trains already at the train table. However, getting one yesterday is one step closer...still a long way to go (he's really too young, I think, but once you start, it is so hard to go back).