Friday, July 20, 2007

Japanese Tongue Twister


Bousu Basu Guido
Basu Gasu Baku hatsu

"There is this ugly bus guide. The Bus's gas blew up."

Yeah, the Japanese make a lot of sense. Well, at least I need to give them credit for inventing the Toto Washlet

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Magdalena said...

I'm SO sorry but that hussy hocking the washlet saying your hands are liberated from wiping...I don't, I can't...I mean...
I agree that toilet paper distributes the problem, but just water? I guess if it's like a pressure hose and moves around with some soap. Wouldn't you still need to WIPE? This is why wipees were invented.
The washlet is a great plan for drunk college kids who need to rehydrate while they are down there anyway, but it gets a a "C" for crap in the cleansing department.