Sunday, June 10, 2007

JFK and 50 Cent

Not every day that you get to mention these guys in the same context, but I have just come into posession of amazing memorabilia from both of them, and these were highlights of my weekend.

First JFK: we wanted to go over to the Birmingham Farmers Market this morning, but it was closed today, so we could not enjoy "Over 30 booths feature[-ing] a diverse array of locally and regionally grown produce, including vegetables, fruits, flowers, garden plants and organic produce." Undaunted, we drove down to Royal Oak for the Royal Oak Farmers Market, and I saw this at an antique dealer's stand:

That's right, a plastic JFK sitting in a rocking chair, modeled after the famuous picture. It's about 6 inches tall and in pretty good shape, with a couple of signs of wear but definitely worth the $5.50. They wanted $6 but I only had five singles and some change, and we had a deal. I can't find out anything about when it was made or by whom, but it is awesome and I think I will put it on my desk at work, right next to.....

....this amazing mask signed by 50 Cent (!!!!!) and decorated in paint and rhinestones by an artist named Michelle Strong. My inlaws were at a charity auction for Hospice of Michigan, and they knew that I clearly needed to have this. I'm not sure what else I can say other than a) it's fabulous and b) thank you! They definitely achieved the element of surprise with this one.

From the Hospice of Michigan web site:
Hundreds of clay masks have been painted and decorated by local and national celebrities from the arts, film, music, politics, sports and business areas to help tell the story of hospice care.
Here's a link to the event with a pretty large PDF showing some of the other masks available. The one Clay Aiken self-decorated is definitely worth a look, as is the Kid Rock mask with real hair.


Judy said...

Wow - rockin' finds! The mask is outstanding, and I just love that JFK statuette - perhaps Antiques Roadshow will be in your neck of the woods soon and you can take it up there?

Laura said...

I SO-OOO-OOO want the Amy Grant mask! I wonder how much they're going for? That is such of a cool idea.

Alan said...

As I am on the board for the Birimingham Farmers Market and a frequent HB reader I wish to clarify the open dates for the Market. Now in its 5th year, the Birmigham Farmers Market opens its season on July 1 and runs every Sunday from 9am until 2pm through October 21 in Lot #6 on North Old Woodward. Hope to see you there for coffee and waffles!

Alan said...

yikes! Can't seem to type "Birmingham" this morning.
Blogger, I need a comment proofreader please.

Laura said...

Lauren--Happy (belated) Birthday! I hope it was a great one! :) You'll have to tell us all about it in a blog post.