Saturday, May 26, 2007

This Made Me Feel So Sad

This story makes me sick. What kind of compassionless, blood thirsty person hunts down an animal, shooting at it for 3 hours? What's the point? Seriously, what is the point!? There was a time when humans needed to kill for food and that time has passed. Find another sport. That was a wonderful animal, living a peaceful life in the forest and you had to come and violently end his life "just for fun". Inexcusable.


Jeremy said...

What I take issue with this story is that he didn't really "accomplish" anything.

His Dad took him to a "commercial hunting preservation", where is the sport in that? This is the equivalent of shooting fish in a barrel.

If this actually happened in the wild, this kid would have been gored, but this poor hog has probably been corn-fed for his entire life and bred to become this large, just so someone could buy, oops, I mean, "hunt" the boar.

I'm neither pro nor con for hunting, but I do think if you're going to call it a sport, even the playing field a bit.

Oh yeah, check out the preservation's website and you can calculate how much this kid's dad shelled out for this memorable event (quick estimate tells me it was well over $2500 and that's not including the taxidermy or processing costs which is probably another couple grand).

Laura said...

Okay, that is just revolting...there's nothing else that I can think of to say. OMG, you're right Lauren, the kid needs to get a new hobby!

Lauren said...

Jeremy, that is such a good point. I know... WTF!? It's so sick. Ok, I will go to your link and see the cost. It's just so nuts. Thanks for the input, you always have great comments. ;)

Laura, If I had some land and saw that poor big boy hog running around away from hunters, I would for sure rescue him and love him. Ok, that may be far fetched, but this is just so wrong and sad. Yes, you're right, get a new hobby! I blame the parents for letting their child be so blood thirsty. Why teach violence to your children?

Judy said...

Scott comes from a long line of hunters, but this totally disgusted him. First off, who would want to EAT the meat from something that huge? Usually larger animals mean tougher meat (according to Scott). And really, that was NOT hunting. It isn't considered a "sport" in Scott's family. It is a way of providing for the extended family - Scott's family uses every part of the animal that they possibly can...taxidermy is never an option.

And, what is WRONG with people who put guns in the hands of our children???? Are they NUTS???? It will be another 10 years before Travis is allowed to even consider hunting, and at least 15 for Tyler!

Lauren said...

Hi again Judy!
Thanks for the comment. Yeah, seriously, who puts a gun in their kid's hand? It's just not needed, especially in a society like ours where violence is such a problem.