Tuesday, April 17, 2007

La Prairie Pure Gold Cellular Radiance Concentrate

I'm 29, and that means that, let's face it, I am starting to look old. I thought I could deal with it, but it is a competitive world and youth is the edge. I think that this might help. If this "Revolutionary, multi-faceted microemulsion restores look of health, youth, and vitality" to my worn features, then $525 an ounce to lift, firm, resurface and brighten myself is a small price to pay. If I can slap some on and look 27, it's all worthwhile, cost be damned.


Jeremy said...

The real question is - how long does this last? I mean, in six months will I go back to looking younger?

If that's the case, might as well just get some Botox and hit the gym.

Actually, this stuff might possibly be more expensive than an annual gym membership (not Lifetime, maybe Bally's).

Or, you could just embrace your aged looks and realize that it opens you up to a whole new realm of possibilities (hello, who doesn't get carded at the bar anymore?!).

And really, isn't it more about how you feel on the INSIDE?

Michelle said...

I work in cosmetics. There was recently a study done in Paris...they tested different moisturizers on 30 different women. La Prairie came in at the bottom, not worth the cost. There are no miracle creams out there. The best thing you can do is use a sunscreen all the time and moisturize day and night. If you want to splurge a little try Strivectin. It's expensive but not nearly as much as La Prairie. Don't waste your money.

Jonathan said...

Well, I put on about a bottle and a half last night, and I think I already see an improvement.

Yes, the cost is exorbitant. I feel a little badly that I had to cancel Netflix, tell Lauren no more sushi for the year and I think my Subaru is going to be reposessed, but I'm telling you, it's worth it to feel so terrific. I am going back for more tonight (I need a ride to Somerset please. If someone can help me out I'd appreciate it. I'll give you one blob of anti-aging goo in exchange).

Jeremy said...

That kind of sounded dirty.

Anonymous said...

Also, look at it this way, at least Noah won't have to worry about the hassle of college preparation.
Though having your own bio-chemist working on a new formula of anti-aging goo might come in handy too.
Me, I think I will fight my aging skin by lighting it by the reflected glow of my new convertible Hummer!

Anonymous said...

sorry, Anonymous=Hong Kong Paul

Jonathan said...

Paul, why don't you just start a blog so you can post nonymously instead of anonymously? Easier to see the pictures from Hong Kong that way anyhow.