Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What Has Become of Me?

It's official. I am now a dorky, teenage boy. I have become, yes, a GAMER. I spend each day staring at my Nintendo, delving into virtual reality animal worlds, conquer ever more difficult levels of Mario with deep satisfaction and anxiously await the spring 2007 release of "The Legend of Zelda".

Could you get a cooler anniversary gift? I think not. You did good this year dear. At least it's not a PINK PEAL NECKLACE.

Some of my obsessions:
Cooking Mama
Super Princess Peach
Animal Crossing
Big Brain Academy
Brain Age


Laura said...

Right on with the pink--we have lots of pink in this household. I was at Target the other day with Ben and told him that I want a Wii. He looked at me like I'dbeen possessed by aliens 'cause I've never shown an interest before. I gotta say, I loved Mario Kart and Zelda when I was younger. What's old is new again--rock on!

Judy said...

I've been secretly wanting one, but I don't dare with a 7.5 year old in the house - there'd be some serious fighting going on!