Thursday, February 01, 2007

Like Mother Like Son


Laura said...

That is such of a cute picture. How did you get it side-by-side like that?

Lauren said...

Thanks Laura!

On Flickr, if you search for "fd's flickr Tools" you can get to this man's site where he has made some fun programs that can do neat stuff with your pictures! Try it out, let me know if you have a hard time finding it. Lauren :)

Jonathon said...

we got my daughter a little camera for christmas, too. she's so used to us taking pictures of her, i think she assumes it's an essential part of being a grown-up. she loves it!

Kendra Lynn said...

I miss you so much.
When can we meet up?
Please give me an answer.
My life has been totally hectic lately, and I need a girls' night out.
Love ya.

Gabriel said...

What kind of camera for the young one? Does it really take pictures or does it just make noise?


Jonathan said...

You can push the "shutter" and the mirror pops open, but it doesn't actually take pictures.