Thursday, October 26, 2006

Back, Refreshed

I decided to take a couple of months off from writing. For some reason, around the time of the Dream Cruise, I just started to dread the idea of blogging. I think it was that my work was getting rapidly tougher, so I was working straight through a lot of the lunches I used to be able to spend on Produce Thursday. At night, my heart just wasn't in it.

Being too busy is a good problem to have; especially right now in Detroit, so I have zero compaints. I can show you a little snippet of what has been taking up so much time though. Our company is relocating its headquarters to a new building this fall, and a lot of my time has ben occupied since this spring with site selection, warehouse racking, lift trucks, drywall, fire suppression, you name it. Basically I got to make over a giant, gutted building into our new showpiece, and we are about a month from occupancy. Fun is not quite the right word for this process, but it was a tremendous learning experience.

These are some pictures I took in our warehouse right after we took down the giant ten-ton crane used by the previous inhabitants. Tearing down the crane columns and grinding the supports down to the floor left really interesting relics from the process, and to me the effect with the light and the coating we put down on the floor is like an oil painting. I just thought these turned out very cool, and I am actually going to enlarge them for my office.

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