Tuesday, August 29, 2006

You Go Dad!

Yea! Here is a picture of a billboard for Halle Bob on Sunset blvd. In LA. She is wearing the shoes that my Dad designed for them. Pretty cool for a Grandpa.

P.S. Catch him on September 21st as he hosts the Home Shopping Network.


Bree said...

Go Daddy! That is so very exciting! You should totally be a prank caller on the show, that would be so hilarious. Call and ask if he carries size 13 triple wide pumps, and if not, then just give him a bunch of crap on air!
I must be really bored. lol
Sometimes I call David and use my transvestite voice to ask if the store carries any size 50 thongs.
Yep, I'm bored!

Judy said...

That is AWESOME! What an honor...congrats to your dad!

Kendra Lynn said...

That is so cool!
Way to go, Lauren's dad!

Laura said...

That's really neat--to have a dad who's famous. :)