Thursday, August 24, 2006

HB Ride Spotting: Ssangyong Rexton?

Today's weirdness: I was driving around at lunch eating a Steak 'n Shake cheeseburger and listening to Weezer's 2001 Osaka concert*, and I saw this and had to take some pictures. It's a Ssangyong Rexton with manufacturer plates, out in front of Discount Tire in Troy, Michigan.

I'm thinking this might be a GM test car due to the MFR plates and the fact that Ssangyong has had manufacturing relationships with Daewoo, and GM owns most of Daewoo. On the other hand, Shanghai Motors now owns 49% of Ssangyong, so maybe they're doing some humidity testing in the Detroit area. I'd be fairly surprised if Ssangyong suddenly felt a pressing need to enter the US market on their own.

*A amazing album, and, I'm pretty sure, a stunning bootleg.

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