Friday, July 07, 2006

"Quality belies price at Oishi"

I just read this review of Oishi and will need to give it a try. Good noodle options are pretty sparse in Detroit.


Lauren said...

This looks like fun, and I'd like to try it but HELLO! If you're going to name your restaurnat, be sure to spell it's name correctly! Ok, maybe I am wrong, but "Oishii" means delicious and it's an adjective so it has the double "ii" on the end. I have always spelled and pronounced it "Oishii" "oi-she-ee", not "oishi" "oi-she".
George,Tomas,Zerner? Any input?

Dutch said...

wait, novi has a downtown?

I once ate at a restaurant in a parking lot there, by a mall. I was told it was Novi. is it as nice as some of the other downtowns around there?

At least they didn't name it noodles.come