Sunday, July 23, 2006

HB Presents: The Long Needed "Naughty Chair"

A few posts below I put up a picture of Noah getting a "time out" in his crib for hitting. The whole time out in the crib thing works ok, but he really doesn't seem to mind being in there. So after a morning of Noah throwing toys and hitting, we realised that it was time to try a "Naughty Chair". I thought he was too young to understand, but you know what? It kind of worked! Sitting in a boring corner for 60 seconds isn't much fun to a 20 month old. It made him calm down and forget about his school bus throwing fit moments before. I think we'll keep the naughty chair around for a while.


Judy said...

We use the fireplace as a naughty spot. And oh YES, Tyler spends time in there - for hitting and throwing. We try to redirect first, but oftentimes, he thinks the hitting is funny and a game, so off we go to sit and think.

We tried the crib, too, but that was WAY too much fun. He would ASK to go to the crib! Not a good time-out place at all!

Kendra Lynn said...

Oh man...Zach has to get time-outs for hitting, too!
Maybe its a boy-thing.
Zach has hit the terrible twos a bit ahead of schedule.