Saturday, July 22, 2006

Club Sin

I just got a crazy text message from West Palm Beach:
You're invited to Club Sin 1 year Anniversary Party 2night Show this text and Pay No Cover Until 1am 313 Clematis St
Sweet. Now check this out - it's 7:35 pm. Orbitz has a Northwest flight that leaves at 9 and gets into Fort Lauderdale at 11:57. If there's a car waiting for me, I can be at club sin 55 minutes later, per Google maps. That means I hit the door at exactly 12:52 am - beating the cover by a cool eight minutes. Cost? $500 flight plus the Town Car. Stupidity factor? 8. Will I go? Watch this space.

UPDATE: I didn't make it, but not for lack of trying. Would you believe I was turned away at the door for having tennis shoes on? Unbelievable.


Judy said...

My money is riding on an early bedtime tonight paired with an early breakfast date with a lovely, charming young woman and an amazingly handsome chap who is quickly approaching the age of 2!

Am I closer?

Judy said...

darn those shoe rules!