Monday, July 24, 2006

And Down the Toilet it Went

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This post isn't about Noah, but I just had to slip this picture in, because I forgot to post it yesterday. I just love when he smiles, what a big boy! It makes me sad that Noah isn't a baby anymore. I keep looking at his wrists and saying to myself; "ok, it's ok, they're still a little bit like baby sausage wrists". Who am I kidding though, that rubber band wrist thing is fading fast, he's a big boy now.

Anyway, two kind of bad or potentially bad things happened today. One is worrisom bad and one is funny bad. Everything is ok though. I guess I should just get to the chase.

The little bit worrisom bad was I got some test results back today. It was routine stuff, just testing my fasting glucose levels along with other basic stuff. I had it done recently with my yearly physical and found that my superstar, very normal levels have gone up in a year. 70-99 is normal, 100-126 is pre-diabetic and 127+ is diabetes. I used to be in the 70's, very good, but this time around I was 99. :( Diabetes doesn't run in our family and I had great glucose levels in pregnancy, a time when it would usually show if I was predisposed to insuline resistence (ie. pre-diabetes). I do have to say that a year ago I had just come off a special diet that consisted of low sugar and low carb shakes and had lost 12lbs. I'm sure it had a lot to do with it. I was also much less stressed, something that I have had such a hard time with lately, it can really raise your levels. I have another test, most likely next week to make sure that I haven't moved up to the pre-diabetic level. Say a little prayer! It is usually something you can un-do with a healthy diet and exercise. I did joing Weight Watchers two weeks ago and have lost 5lbs, 7lbs by my scale! I've also been taking a water aerobics class two days a week and working out at my gym two additional days. So, it's in the right direction. I hope that this effort will get my levels back down to a great number. I'll let you guys know of any updates, but it might be a little while.

Now for the funny bad thing... Well, after I got the kind of scary news, I headed right for the gym. I was in a shock/haze because I thought for sure my levels wouldn't be that high. I'm a worry wort and have been anxious about my round of tests since they were done last week. So it really did weigh heavily on my mind.
Anyway, I went into the locker room and got dressed to workout, put my little headphones (the ear bud type) around my neck and went into the bathroom for a second. (You know, 8 glasses a day!) I don't know what I was thinking but when I started to walk out of the stall, I was like..."where are my headphones!?" I guess they had fallen off my neck and down my back, into the toilet and I didn't even notice!!! I flushed those guys down!

How dumb is that? I know. Who does that?


Bree said...

Ha! I can't believe you flushed your ear buds! Too funny. I called you today because I have been thinking about you, just wanted to see how you are doing.
Maybe something was just wonky the day you took the test, I would sit tight until you have the results of the next one. I know that's easy for me to say, but 99 is just on the border and liek you said, it can be reversed. You are doing all the right things, and how awesome for you to be losing weight that quick! You are an inspiration!

Kendra Lynn said...

Okay...that last part was really funny.
Don't worry about the diabetes thing yet...relax...I'll be praying for you.

I love you lots.


Judy said...

Oh girl! Sorry to hear about those headphone thingys! Yikes!

Hang in there on the tests. Your levels fluctuate daily...if you can handle the glucose when pg, chances are you are a true trooper in non-preggers life!

Lauren said...

Thank you my sweet girl friends!!! I love you guys, you always make me smile! :)

Bree- I saw that I missed your call, I'm sorry. Yesterday was lots of running around. I have to leave in a few, but will try to call you later. Thanks for the encouragment. I'll just wait and see...
I learned now that stress can really affect your score as can..uh.hem...(roll my eyes) eating only low-cal chocolate cookies, pudding and cakes for your daily weight watchers points. I guess it was a ton of sugar.

Kendra, thank you for the prayers! How is your little Gallbladder? I bet, knowing you, yours is a cute gallbladder. Are you feeling better? Still eating soup? I hope you feel good. Thank you, I will try and relax. I need to learn how! :)

Judy, you are awesome! Why can't you move to Michigan, to my block? Ok, TX is great, but SO hot! I'll think about it, but I don't like hot.
Yeah, you'd think I'd have non of this trouble because when I was pg. with Noah, I did great on the glucose test and my test last year was good. Hopefully it's just the weight gain, snacking and stress. Thanks for all of your help, in everything Judy!

Love you guys!

Judy said...

On the Texas heat thing - it isn't so bad when you live near cheap water, and the payoff come Jan/Feb is TREMENDOUS. Watch and see what cute shorts outfit I wear for Christmas THIS year!