Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sweet Tarragon!

Jon and I are excited that Detroit will soon be getting very cool new residents . We already have one internet vixen representing the D. , but now we will have the cyber stallion and online babe team of Dutch and Wood. You can find them over at Sweet Juniper, where we enjoy their writing about life and of course their sweet little girl, Juniper.

So, in honor of our hip, new, soon to be fellow Michiganders Dutch and Wood, Jon and I have decided to also drop our names in exchange for quite cool online monikers. From now own, we wil alll be known as:


Sweet, huh?
Welcome to the D. you guys.

1 comment:

Dutch said...

but if you don't use your real names, how will the people who resented you in high school google you and then make fun of you for being BLOGGERS?

thanks for the welcome. we should all meet up once we're there and settled in september.