Sunday, June 11, 2006

See, I Told You

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I'm linking to THIS post from Blogging Baby today because it perfectly illustrates what I was saying about "Twenty First Century Parenting". I don't know....doctors, scientists, they're all smart, but are they also making a generation of alarmist parents, this article kinds of says in some ways, they might have.


Judy said...

Tyler's been eating peanut butter since a year. his older brother would probably bleed pb&j if you cut him open, so it was only a matter of time before Tyler would insist upon it as well! He loves it!

Sarah said...

Yeah, I know that dairy allergies are pretty commonly misdiagnosed. Their digestive systems often simply aren't mature enough, and it presents similar to an allergy.
Sometimes just waiting a month or two solves it, but parents decide their child is lactose intolerant and that's the end of it for them...