Monday, May 29, 2006


The designs on the T-shirts at Threadless have got to be some of the coolest around. Printed in limited quantity but always for only $15, Threadless tees feature the fabulous graphics submitted by artists and designers from all over the country. An infinite number of designers means infinite creativity! Really, some of these are amazing. Other than the cheap price, the best part is if a tee is out of stock, you can simply request a re-print and if there is enough demand, that's just what they will do. Such a cool concept and often a portion of Threadless's proceeds goes to charities like the Red Cross or the Hurricane Katrina fund.

My favorites incude: Chinese Peaches
Honest Tee
and Undercover Pirate


Judy said...

I like that honest tee design, too!

What a great concept, and really, for the price, that is great!

Kendra Lynn said...

LOL...those are great. :)
Love ya.

Bree said...

Cool, I just bookmarked that, that would be great for gifts.