Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Playdate at the Park

Noah had a playdate at the park today. Of course, it was with Aunt Sarah and good old Joshua. I nearly fainted from the cuteness when they walked around holding hands together. How cute it that!? Noah even said "Joshua" for the first time while we were there. later in the afternoon, after we came home, he walked around for ten minutes saying; "Joshua, Joshua, Joshua". he just needs to learn his own name. I so lucky to have such a good friend nearby. I wish I could see my other friends who live farther more often, but between naps, meals and long car ride tantrums, it's just easier when your friend litterally lives 4 minutes away. C'est la vive! It will get easier. Anyway, thought you might like to see these.


Judy said...

HOW CUTE!!! I love the lids, too - wish Tyler would keep one on his head!

Laura said...

Aww! Those boys are just so cute! I wish we still lived in MI...I'd love to meet Noah in person. Hopefully, some day soon, we'll be able to afford a trip to the Great Lake State for a visit and we'll have to "drop in" on you guys.

Kendra Lynn said...

How sweet..holding hands. :) I love when kids do that.
Merry and Kelsey did for an adorable photo recently. I LOVE it!
I love ya...let's get together VERY soon.


p.s. we need a trip to the zoo.