Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Moobs and Mits

I just cracked up reading the post that Melissa wrote at Suburban Bliss HERE.

It's about the time she commented on our blog that she was at Cafe Habana also after Jon had just written that we were there and ran into a couple and then I was all like, Melissa, that couple was YOU guys!

It's so funny, I don't even know why. She sent out a very cryptic message. Ok, so it wasn't really cryptic but that just sounds more dramatic. She sent out a cryptic message to me I guess, and my insecure minion, not to attempt and "fix" the mushroom cut. That this will only lead to doom and heart ache. The salon I went into, not only did they butcher her at an eyebrow wax, they butchered only ONE of her poor eyebrows. Not that is bad! Oh yeah, and they offered to give her half the money back. Funny.
I will heed, I will . "Hands of my Hair freak"! That's what I'll say if anyone comes at my mushroom with scissors.
Some of the comments to her post were very nice to me too. Thank you commenters from a far off land.

By the way, tonight I learned that when men have breasts it's either called "Moobs" = man boobs or "Mits" = man tits. Sorry to be explicit.

Thank you.

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Judy said...

Moobs and Mits, huh? I'll definitely have to ask around and see how many have heard of this!!!