Friday, May 19, 2006 Domain Name Resource Center

Well, according to the Domain Name Resource Center (via Lifehacker), our domain is worth about 10 grand, and is worth $11,000. To which I say,

"ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

I don't believe this for a single second, but if anyone wants to prove me wrong I'm open to offers.


Jeremy said... = $15,914.00

Not bad for my $7/year investment.

Jeremy said...

You should check this again.

$69 my friend, $69....

Jonathan said...

So mine tanked, but yours is actually showing $185,000!!! Add a .com to the end when you search it.

By the way - easy come, easy go.

Amy said...

Leapfish...that's right they are coming back in 2008. Which is a great thing to hear due to the fact they had become really the industry standard. Looking forward to it.