Saturday, April 15, 2006

So Much for Good Karma

Good Karma
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Today my Mom came by to help Jon and I figure out what kind of fence and gate we would need to buy to close off the only little bit of open space in our backyard. As she stepped off of our patio and onto the uneven ground, my Mom twisted her ankle and fell to the ground. She ended up in the emergency room. They couldn't find any breaks and said that it most likely is a bad sprain.

My poor Mom. So much for good karma though. I really believe in the stuff. Last week my parents donated a house to a woman in need and this is what my Mom gets?

I always try to tip waitresses 25% to be nice and for good karma. I'm pretty superstitious, huh?


Judy said...

Oh OUCH! Hope your mom recovers quickly - bum ankles are horrible to deal with!

But, that was a truly wonderful thing your mom did by donating a house to someone!

Lauren said...

Thank you Judy. She will be ok, just has a huge air cast thing on. I feel so badly, especially because it was my patio she fell off of!

I know, my Mom and stepdad do many nice things. They have a little place on a lake up north. It's not really big enough for kids and grandkids and them all the time, so they bought another lot down the beach to build a kid friendly guest house. Cool, huh? There is a very small, but in good condition house on the lot, so my parents are having the house moved to a woman's (land?) where she is renting a single wide trailer. She is a very nice local woman who is older now, but she raised her kids as a single Mom and worked very hard all her life. I'm glad she has a place to call her own now!

Kendra Lynn said...

That is an awfully nice thing for your mom to do.
Sorry she hurt herself.
Give her a hug for me.