Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Multi-Denominational Spring Time Holiday Bunny

No, just kidding. We went to brunch with the Easter Bunny where Noah ate 100 pounds of chocolate and fluffy marshmallo eggs.


Joel said...

Oh my God, 100 pounds of chocolate? That's way too much. Well, he's in pretty good shape considering that I ate about 200 deviled eggs. I've only just come out of a temporary coma.

Judy said...

I know how Noah feels - the diet starts - TOMORROW (or Tuesday or sometime after that).

I'm impressed that he sat on old EB's lap! Way to go Noah! We didn't even try with Tyler - hahaha!

Lauren said...

Wowwwww! That's a lot of deviled eggs Joel! Sweet! Those million pounds of candy were a bribe to sit through brunch. Actually, I don't mind too much that he ate it because it's the most he's eaten in month. You know, Noah's in the very picky eater stage. I even slipped some real food in there. Hid it behind

Yeah Judy, I was so surprised, he loved the bunny. He flies down slides at the park head first and now that he loves big, costumed bunnies, so we'll call him Mr. Fearless.

Kendra Lynn said...

Aww...very very cute.
I'm glad he sat on the EB's lap...I don't think I could get my girls to do that. LOL
Love you.